Me, I'd be glad to do that nurse. Yep ! :D

I hope you’ve got a strong fetish for nurses (I do), otherwise the amount of censorship (worse than white hole level) might be a problem for you. That follows my theory, that one of the reasons why hentai is unique among the other forms of porn media, is the initial banning of genitalia, forcing the artists to find other ways to arouse the reader. Thanks to this, seeing a nurse with her jacket and relatively modest whilte panties can become extremely arousing and pleasing for the eye, it’s another form of enjoyment :)
Me, to be frank, I couldn’t use it as fapping material, but the drawings were really VERY good, “technically”, and the scenario was an easy read, so I don’t regret downloading this manga, thanks a LOT to Tadanohito ! :)

Oh, you may want a summary of the manga ? The male hero joins a hospital as a male nurse, only to discover there’s a slight problem in there, a 30 to 1 females:males workers ratio. Fill in the blanks yourself.
So, who was your favorite nurse ? Me, it was the one with the small chest, that I used in the illustration picture above. And you ? :3

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