Oh holy pastafari ! :shock:

The drawings in volume 1 were good, but they’re even WAY better now !
In short :
Vol 1 = cute ecchi
Vol. 2 = good hentai :twisted:


The bodies have delicious curves, the gray shades and their nuances deliciously highlight the sweet bodies of the nurses ! They do NOT all have the same face, each of them has cute idiosyncrasies, and some of them are real eye-catchers :shock:
As for the sex, true, it’s white hole censorship, but the drawings are so good and the positions so varied that it’s possible to just bask in the glow and forget about it… The artist, Fujisaka Kuuki, excels at minimizing this problem with a variety of positions.
Hats off, this was just BRILLIANT, thank you VERY MUCH, Tadanohito ! :D

As for the story, the scenario evolves and doesn’t evolve, the male hero is still unable to let a pussy unfucked despite being a kind and somehow earnest guy, it’s not moving much. But, frankly, with those awesome graphics, I definitely won’t complain ! :twisted:

Just a note, I tried “saving” the cover (the usual before / after comparison), hoping you appreciate the small improvement.
The volume 1 is available HERE, just saying :o

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai english hentai