mother loves cumshots

I figured this work could please a lot of people, and besides, it has a drawing style of the likes I don’t share often, with rather litteral lines, weird body proportions (hyper hips, small male partner in some pictures), see for yourselves if you like it :)

However, I give up, the story doesn’t make any sense, at least not in any direction worth describing or commenting. So here are the ingredients, decide if you like them : a yandere mother, her cherry teenager of a son, oral and vaginal action.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

UPDATE : Oh well, a kind visitor, MMX, informed me this was a chapter of Commit Adultery [English, 188 pictures], by Kan. I feel embarassed, I shared Commit Adultery in january 2009, but it didn’t ring a bell ^^;;
I still leave the download links, but now you’ll know the complete manga from which it comes is available here :)

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