Hello, this is HurpDurp.

As Oliver just said, he has preset stuff for the next two weeks (including multiple Depositfiles Gold keys, so if you missed one the other day, check back tomorrow and the next day and the next etcetcetc), but he asked me to update the blog with some new stuff that comes out as long as it’s not something in a tank?bon (in other words, no original h-manga). (He wants to see how many come out while he’s gone, and post them all when he gets back. Evidently the record so far is 19.)

So here’s what I’ll probably be posting assuming I can find something that fits that category:

Uncensored JAV
Translated H-animes
Translated and/or uncensored CGs
Translated Doujinshis (stuff based off anime/manga/visual novels/whatever)
Translated games (eroges or other games with hentai elements. For examples, go look at DLSite… But those are never translated, so I probably won’t be uploading many of these.)
H-audio (Some random Japanese chick (or more, occasionally it has multiple seiyuus! Woo!) saying stuff that sounds hot as fuck, but it’s all in Japanese… So don’t expect to understand it unless you know Japanese. Some include scripts which you can run through Google Translate, but that’s not gonna help much. Either way, I still love them. One time I ejaculated while listening to one… and I had never touched myself even once. And I only know several words in Japanese. If you need some examples of audios, DLsite has them and most have a trial version of it that lasts anywhere from 1-5 minutes – actually if you listen to any there and like what you hear, let me know. If I have it, I’d be happy to post it. Also, Oliver said the ban on content is lifted for audio, so I can actually post loli, scat, bestiality, whatever)

So, yeah, let me know which one of those is what you guys want the most. Uploading about 13 uncensored JAVs isn’t practical, though. That’s a lot of bandwidth. :(

I’m also allowed to post anything the scanlation group I’m a part of does (assuming it’s not loli and is hentai), so that would be the only exception to the above. We’re looking at two full manga tank?bons, a couple of original CGs, a Touhou doujinshi and a trial of a game but I dunno if they’ll happen or not.

Oh, and I can moderate comments now so don’t worry if you said something that gets blocked. I’ll accept it when I see it.

You’ll be able to tell who posts what because I’ll include some sort of greeting and include my username somehow… And what I post probably won’t be manga.

Also, if Oliver messed up on something for these posts over the next two weeks, (like the file didn’t upload correctly, missing pages, the gallery died) just post a comment and I’ll attempt to fix it. It’ll be difficult if I can’t find a working link, but if I can I’ll fix it right away.