Awesome. Hilarious. Genius. And I mean it :D

Oh, the hilarity :D With a very serious tone, using third-person descriptions, Takenoko Seijin introduces us to the male hero, « This young man is the paragon of perversion ». The MC meets a girl who still ignores for a few nanoseconds she’s his perfect match. Worry not, several laughter bursts and lots of sex later, she’s as perverted as him :D

I also thought there is an undeniable similarity with Mister Super Superficial, from Menkui :lol:

I loved the very funny and original, creative, pleasant storyline, with damn good drawings. I STRONGLY encourage you to read it, and – enjoy ! ^_^
This sweet gem has been released by Desu, commissioned by Darkfire, thank you very much, you two :)

My other Takenoko Seijin shares are worth it too. There’s an exhilerating hentai UFO, Chisay Akusay G-Fusen. The democratic Your Choice. And more “serious” works : You Are Just A Maid (brain racking, SO worth reading), When You Let Go Of my hand (almost entirely uncensored version) and Falling Rain (that last one is depressing).

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