Short story : I’ve been forced to place a content warning system, and I received reports that it’s bugged.
Give me one or two days and, at least, you won’t be shown this with every new page (it will be cookie-based, but I can’t entirely remove it.

Long story : Well, it’s more complicated…

I was busy phoning my web host because of a server problem (you may have noticed hentaiweblog was offline yesterday ? ;) , when the support person suddenly goes anal and asks me where’s my content warning page.
Me : wut ?
Support person : it’s the law, sir, the law.
Me : no way !
Support person : yes way !

I think this is just idiotic and decide to forget about it, but just to be sure, I phone again one hour later. I have a new person on the phone, and when asked in general terms, that person tells I shouldn’t give a fuck, it’s okay, it’s tolerated. But then we check my hosting account : it’s been noted very clearly that there MUST be a content warning, and once it’s written, checks will be made, and it has do be done.

Either I applied a content warning system, or else I was unplugged from the internet. I complied.

As it was configured, it would use a cookie with a ten years expiry time (huhu, I found this duration hilarious), meaning you wouldn’t see it again until your cookies are cleared.
But it didn’t work well ! I use a caching plugin (without a cache, I should purchase a dedicated server, it would cost me a fortune), and this caching plugin interferes with the content warning system. And it seems that every time you visit, dear visitor, you’re a new visitor, it’s magic !
It’s not normal, but I’m not superhuman, I’ll need a bit of time to find a replacement, give me one or two days – or, heck, if you’re a coder, give me the code, save the php cookie creation it must be wrapped inside javascript because javascript ouput is not cached unlike plugins relying on php, it’s the only requirement – and it should become OK :)

Final summary :
Short version : OWNED !
Longer version : Sorry it bothers you, I have no choice, give me two days and it will be much less annoying that won’t popup all the time :)