In this post, I ask for help with Photoshop techniques. There’s just one porn picture, no zips, no galleries. Proceed at your own risk of sexual starvation ;)

Thanks if you read this !

I have joined this picture , from two separate pictures, and filled in the blanks of the empty central separation column, wide by approximatively 1.5 centimeters. However I’ve been unable to do a certain area properly (as well as others, true, but knowing I wouldn’t do a perfect job was demotivating, lol), below the right thigh.

Since this is a recurring problem with me, I thought I could ask the guidance of other people more talented with photoshop ? :)

More details now : cf this picture. It’s something I’m unable to fix, progressive shading differences in grayscale patterns, I’m regularly faced to this problem. If it were just colors, a blur tool would be exploitable, but preserving the pattern while achieving a progressive shading evolution, damn, I don’t manage to do it.

I’m self-learning photoshop, and I reckon I have a gigantic way to go before calling me competent. So, please, if for YOU there’s an easy solution, I’d be very grateful if you could share it in a comment :)