Good news, for everyone who’s not in a fresh relation with a partner when the flames of passion are still blazing hot,
for those of you who are single,
or in a relationship that’s old enough for the passion to cool down into calm affection and then it’s tiring to do too much of a ruckus,

there will always be porn and alcohol :D


Now, on another topic, please… Would someone have an idea as to WHY the Bing search engine indexes zero dot zero pages of hentaiweblog !?

Even in the Bing Webmaster Tools, I can’t force the engine to tell me what he sees when browsing my site, or I can’t get it to validate my code (the reply is that there is an error preventing the display of the data), or get it to explore/Crawl the site (even despite a valid xml sitemap)…
This is weird O_o

I was suggested by GanonMaster it may be caused by the too large number of validation errors, or maybe it’s my server (I tested and a few other sites I’m hosting are the same, uncrawlable)…
Anyone having a hint is welcome :)