Decensoring the end will be a biatch

At last, one of my favorite mangas of 2010 has been fully translated !  With my most grateful thanks to Setebos, commissioner of hundreds of awesome translations, and to Fated Circle, I’m glad to present you the complete version of “I Love”, by Shimeta Yarii, with the chapters 1-6 uncensored by me ! :)

This manga is full to the brim with couples in deep, cute and mutual love. They’re having very happy sex, accepting and enjoying each other. The tons of love expression are “compensated” by humour (avoiding us a feeling of mawkishness) and some nice inspiration in some stories, it was very pleasant to read !

As for the drawings, these are teen boys and girls (they have average to small breasts, OMG they’re realistic ! :shock: ) having oral, vaginal and a bit of anal sex. Mostly casual clothes or uniform, with some extras like a swimsuit, a kimono or an S&M queen :D Don’t let the cuteness trick you, every chapters contains very hardcore and explicit sex.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

About the censorship, now. I decensored the chapters 1-6, out of 9. It might look easy at first, but despite appearances, this is one of the hardest to decensor drawing types I’ve faced, and the last 3 chapters might be the hardest to decensor. And as I’m a perfectionist, I don’t stop until I’m satisfied, so it can take reaaaally long :D In other words, I can’t promise you the last 3 chapters decensored in the short term. I’ll do it (note to H9E : my turf, shoo, decensor some other goodness ! :D ), but don’t be a in hurry, OK ? :o

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Incest is present in just two chapters of the manga, if you wonder. The rest is incest-free.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

And if you already got the chapters 1-6 the last time I shared them, you’ll only need the chapters 7-8-9, they’re the last ones.

Chapters 7-8-9 : Zip Link #1 – or – Zip Link #2
(30 MB, 71 pictures, English)