Hi everyone, things are getting a bit less chaotic at home, most of the furniture has found its new location, I think I’ll be able to resume my normal  life soon (including hentai sharing, half of the time, here, I’m taking advantage of the chaos at home to take it easy) ^^

However, in the short term, there’s also the problem of the new content warning shown on Hentairules. No choice, my web host requires it, and the law tells them they’re right (why did everyone assume I was hosted in the USA, I wonder ?).

The biggest issue is the incompatibility between two blog plugins, one of them handling the blog cache (without it, I’d need a dedicated server and it would cost me an arm and a leg), and the other showing you an adult content warning.
The result is the mess everyone is seeing (well, almost everyone, good job geeks !), with this bloody warning splashed out on every single new page we visit.

There’s a solution, true, however I found out I’m not competent enough to make it work, as I found today. And I don’t want to impose it on you all for too long.

So, I’m officially asking for help !

Please, if you have coding skills in php and javascript, can you take a look at the page where I give full details ? Ideally, I’d shamelessly need a coding ninja to provide me a fully working code.
Thank you very much :)