I bet you never had a pussy bulging so much on your monitor :D

WHAT THE FLYING FUCK DID I READ ?!? :D – this question could be applied to every single thing every drawn by Sakazaki Freddie, mind you ^^

So, we’re in a small town or village, and the customs require that a young man has to be trapped during 9 full months with the women who want to become his brides. Endless powerful fucking follows, with the artist’s forte for ahegaos, x-rays (regrettably), funny idiotic faces, and absurd humour ^^
I couldn’t ever fap to this, but I had a fun time while reading it, so my reading time was worth it, I guess… I hope you’ll like it too !
Thanks a lot to Ackeejag, from Pineapples’R’us, for this share :)

The archive was 51 MB large for only 29 pictures, I took the time to make you an alternative recompressed version (without losses to the naked eye, as of usual), this time weighting only 20 MB :)

By the same artist, I also share the mind-blowing Niku Jiru (222 pictures)

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