Next time, with  better scans ? :D

Aaaaalright. This is a good old hentai manga, the hero is a good-willing guy although he’s ready, and without second thoughts, to thrust his penis into anything even remotely looking like a lubricated hole.
And, for reasons unknown to mankind (and apparently unknown to Moe Kirara, the artist, himself, seeing the mess at the beginning of chapter 1), a trio of super-cute idols with big breasts, and a school sempai, form a line to enjoy his vigorous thrusts (cf above.)

There’s no mindbreak at all, no adultery (it’s not as if the guy was engaged), but no consistency either, until we reach at last the last 3 chapters, and the manga turns into a decent romance story :)

Basically, if you like the drawings (HUGE warning, the scans are of sadly horribly poor quality !), if you like happy sex, go for it !
Credits and thanks are for Lunatic Scans, that is to say : Shadow42085, Poke2201, Patch and Hobogunner, congratulations on your first complete tank, good work, you’ve improved ! :)

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf . the list of ALL my Moe Kirara shares.)

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