If you were given that power, can you really be sure you wouldn't do the same ? This kind of thought is deranging :(

Oh… Wow, my eyes, my brain ! :shock: And then, the worrying thoughts, how can I REALLY tell I wouldn’t behave exactly the same way, would I have, deep inside, a dormant asshole waiting for a chance to spring up, what if I gave in and thought that “it’s OK as long as I can undo it” even though what is wrong remains wrong ? Brrrr…

Formerly, we had If – The Puppy Story, in which time rewinding allowed moving and beautiful dramatic developments, with a really fine and well-thought ending.
Here, once again there’s a way to go back in time for a few hours… however, it goes the wrong way, making the person who uses that device lose any moral reference, until he behaves like an asshole. Mind you, that person is served in the end, what a fine final reversal, hu hu hu :twisted:

For both the art (highschool girls in uniform ! \o/ … Hentai rape ! ¬_¬) and the story, I really loved that manga, I hope you may also enjoy reading it ! And thanks, a lot! (and the pagespreads ! :shock: ), to Black Russian and LustyLady, from The Lusty Lady Project ! :)

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