Quoting the Uncyclopedia, Chikan is the term for Japanese salarymen who protect Japanese women’s vaginas by tightly holding onto them.
Well, that’s the idea here, I’ll just precise this is no forced sex or hentai rape, and that the girl is glad to discover new things ^^;;

I don’t know how to convey the idea, but the pleasant parts of this short work come from the non-sexual elements, the fear of being caught, the arousal from the little details that can be enjoyed by the eye in a public space… well, and there’s the sex too, of course.
OK, Iiwake Densha won’t leave a burning imprint in my memory, but it was pleasant enough for my taste :)

By Ryu-Ya Kamino I also share Hight X Hight [English, 198 pictures], re Sasou X Maid Fuku 1-2 and Mozaiku X Sanshimai 1-2.
Oh, and would YOU know who should be credited for the translation ?

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