Hello everyone,

I’m in a bit of a pinch, I’ve got a dying hard disk in my tower (you know, making the typical noises, there are random system slowdowns or hang-ups, there’s been a first reboot after a hang-up… the usual, after all these years :-| ), and, unfortunately, it’s the system disk, hosting windows XP and Mandriva. The first SATA disk I bought, sigh, a Samsung Barracuda 400 GB.

I try to see positive things, as seeing in this an opportunity to upgrade OSes growing old (how come Mandriva doesn’t allow an OS upgrade through RPM packages, they suck as much as Windows in this regard, the updates.) I guess I’ll install Windows Seven, it will be the first Windows OS I’ll buy :lol:

(Just a note, if I stop udpating Hentaiweblog for two or three days, you’ll know why, right ? ^^ In such a case, it’s something I can update from any computer, check my twitter page)

But back to the main problem : replacing a hard drive, with in focus the fact it will be a SYSTEM disk. That means specific requirements :
– no special need to be hyper large
– fast for several operations over small files rather than fast on the paper when dealing with very big files
– silent
absolutely, definitely, totally RELIABLE
and LONG-LASTING, durability is better than a neglectible performance gain, for heaven’s sake

From what I could read, in such a case, it is recommended to go for a Caviar Green, even if the disks rotation is a bit slower (5k turns), the disks are more dense (hence a neglectible loss of performance), but that ensures less risks of a disk death. Am I right, oris there something so much better for reliable long-lasting (and, if possible, but that’s not the priority, fast) disk ?

Mini-update : SSD disks look promising, but I read on an influential place, in december 2009, that everything depended on the SSD disk’s controller, that it could be heaven or hell, and that the whole SSD disk market wasn’t “mature” enough to know what and who to trust… Right or wrong ? The best I heard was about Vertex with Sandforce, whatever it might be.
If there is an SSD model or brand you’d strongly believe to be reliable and worthy, please, I’m all ears !

Maybe, with these requirements, a certain class of disks is absolutely superior to all others ? I’ve been very long I informed myself about typical disks for system disks, so, well, I’l asking you guys !
Throw your comments if you think it can be helpful, thank you very much in advance :)