A very kind person, Ganonmaster, provided me a working content warning system, unlike the previous system I had, that was imposing itself on you every single time you opened a new page. Sugoi !

With that, hopefully, you’ll be spared this annoyance after just one click.

I’m asking just in case, please, if you still have the problem of the warning being shown with every new page you open, could you let me know in a comment ? (Of course, before a bad report, don’t forget to, first, refresh your page a few times ^^)


Hey, while I’m at it, there’s absolutely no relation, I’ll throw a manga recommendation : Stardust Memories, by Yukinobu Hoshino.
I’ve always been a science-fiction fan, and these last years I’ve grow more attracted to “Hard Science” than to barely realistic Sci-Fi. This manga, a whole volume made of single stories, is halfway between hard science, and the twisted imaginative fantasy offering freedom and poetic emotions, it’s a perfect job !