Hello everyone, I’m back from holidays :)

It’s been a bit hectic. A very good beginning (when did I last had sex 3 times per day several days in a row with my woman ? Five years ago, something like that ?), well-behaving kids, and sun, sun, and more sun. The ending was a bit less pleasant, 72 hours spent in a hospital because mini-me #3 had caught an amusing virus+bacteria combo – but all’s fine and healed now, fortunately.

Anyway, I hope you all behaved well while I was away, and had a good time :)

Now that I’m back, I have time today, I’ll resume sharing good hentai. If there have been BIG news that I missed on the manga or hentai scene (new Ishihara madness ? Fukushima leakage hitting Tokyo, that kind of stuff), or bugs with hentairules, while I was away, please let me know :)