Well, in short, I’m back from holidays :)

I had two great weeks with my family, with surprisingly almost no bad weather at all, it was GREAT !

I hope you guys also had a good time while I was away :)

And it’s always the same feelings after two weeks cut off from the world (no tv, no internet, no radio, deliberate detox), the intense curiosity because I can’t find any newspaper-type website willing to tell what important has happened in the last two weeks (and not just in the last two days), and the intense pleasure at browsing hentai again, it feels so GOOD after not watching it for a while ! If I were to put my feelings in music, it’d have to be something like this :twisted:

While I’m at it, thanks a lot to HurpDurp who maintained the blog while I was away, I think he gave you a pleasant time…

Enough talking, I hope you’ve been well, and let’s enjoy more hentai now ^_^