I’m back, with new PC components !

Sorry to have been a way for almost three days, everyone, I swear I had not planned to have my power unit fry something inside, and have my video card actually catch fire under my eyes one day later :D

Apparently everything’s back to normal as it is, hopefully the shit is sorted out, my PC works again, I’m “just” 139 poorer, for a PSU and a video card. I shudder at the thought of notepad/notebook users who can’t just replace easily a broken component and have to re-buy their whole computer, brrr, the waste of money and of rare resources.

There was only one collateral victim (take that, Bush, Obama, only one collateral victim, woot), my latest hard disk, a WD Caviar Green 2TB. This disk doesn’t work anymore inside the tower, but works fine inside an outside USB rack (meh, it’s 80x slower to transfer data to/from it).
Me and the PC repairman played all tests with it, giving it a brand new SATA cable, exchanging the sata cables between my 4 HDDs, exchanging the power plugs, exchanging the plugging spaces on the motherboard. But no matter what we tried, that disk was recognized during bios boot, but would make win7 freeze at the “animated windows logo” stage.
I wonder if a disk formatting would solve the issue (it’s a possibility, according to my PC shop repairman, he’s seen a rare few cases like that) or would just postpone an actual problem until the warranty dies out _

Anyway. I’m back, that’s what matters, and thanks to HurpDurp for the shares he put up while I was offline :)

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