The announcement is a bit sudden, but well, here it is : I’m closing Hentairules.

Just kidding, of course. I’m just taking one more week of holidays, that’s all ;)

As things were planned, I was, maybe, going to have a new week of holdays, around the middle of august. With luck, or else, nothing. And then, things happened, and a spot miraculously opened before me and my close ones : I could have one week right NOW. — > we said okay :D
That means I’ll be away from Hentaiweblog for a whole week, again, starting in a bit less than 12 hours !

I’m sorry, I was taken by surprise, I don’t have a lot of shares for this week of absense. Luckily, I had started preparing stuff in advance in case I had my week of holidays in mid-august, the zips, their download links, a choice of preview pictures, and a short description. I’ll be using it to populate a bit Hentaiweblog while I’m away, however, it’s going to be very basical compared to my habits (no big preview picture, no lengthy description with all due credits). Sorry, and please bear with it ^^

All’s said, and now, good week everyone ! :)