I’m taking a week of holidays by the sea, same spot as last year, at the border between the Channel and the Northern sea, in a place without TV and internet, I look forward to enjoying the offline break with my family ^_^

I wish you all the best time while I won’t be here :)

I scheduled a lot of stuff to share while I’ll be away, stuff that I felt like sharing at the time it was released, but that always got its top spot stolen at the last minute by even more glamorous releases. Haaa, if I had more free time per day… Hey, if I had more free time, I don’t think I’d spend it on my blog, actually :lol:

I leave Hentaiweblog in the hands of a good friend called Cooper, a very competent webmaster (more experienced and more skilled than me, should I call him senpai, he’s got all the keys to the account), so I trust everything should work perfectly fine. If not, blame Cooper, and wait until I’m back ;) (Hey Cooper, if you read this, you’re welcome to make a post with a big link to your own blog whenever you like !) By the way, you may have noticed dead links being fixed hyper-fast lately ? It’s thanks to another friend called Doc, doing months and months of fixing, he’s another productivity monster – I should have been born 5 centuries ago, it seems I’m gifted at slave driving.

Enjoy the sun everyone, me I’ll enjoy the rain, says the meteo, but I couldn’t care less, holidays are holidays ! :twisted:
– Oliver