Yeah, this is a “let’s toss everything else” post ;)

First : I’m taking suggestions again, for a hentai commission !
I’d like to pay for another manga scanlation
, but I’m at a loss as to what to pick.
Would you like to suggest me a manga ? Ideally, provide links & information with the name of the manga :)
Throw your comments ! ;)
My rules would be :
. it has to contain comedy, at least a bit of it, humour is an absolute requirement, if I am to spend money, it has to make my whole self feel good, not just my dick
. vanilla hentai is a definite plus ! A real scenario, or deep emotions, another definitive plus !
. censorship has to be relatively low.
. the drawings must be great, not too unrealistic, I take it you’ve grown to guessing what my tastes may be ;)
. no guro, loli, bestiality, scat, hardcore netorare, mindbreak, rape…
–> Honestly, that means : do NOT waste your time suggesting things YOU love while you think that, me, I very much risk to not love it very much :o The last time I asked for recommendations, there were mostly people recommending stuff it was absolutely obvious I wouldn’t like, that was wasting your time as well as mine ¬_¬

Second : I first tweeted about it, but a tweet isn’t enough.
I wanted to find a Dave The Lightning Guy picture (remember, the person in Orgazmo telling “I don’t want to look like a queer, but…”, and then he’d throw absolutely gay remarks, until at last he accidentally let out that he wanted to have actual sex with men, haha ^^).

In front of such an unicorn, only one internet cure exists, playing Robot Unicorn Attack, to cleanse my tainted soul with a better unicorn.

Third : the mention of Robot Unicorn Attack made me wonder…

Would you guys be interested if I added a list of links in the sidebar, with various “productivity is the enemy” links ? Flash games,, you see the idea ? If it’s the sidebar it’s not many, but I may also store them in a post and keep a link to that post in my sidebar…

Summary : the main point is to, please, in the comments, throw suggestions for a new commission of mine, as long as it’s in my rules ;)