It’s been a long time I’m recommdend to add tags to my posts, to help you find more easily your personal fetish. Even if it’s not possible to perform cross-searches (for instance tsundere meganekko happy sex :twisted: , too bad my blog platform doesn’t allow cross-searches at the present time), it would be, indeed, a cool feature.

To set this up, I’d take help and suggestions, read below if you wish to help :)

There are two obstacles : I’d hate to forget a tag important to several persons, and more than that, Hentaiweblog contains approximatively 2500 posts with hentai contents shared inside, can you imagine how much time it would take me to browse them back and tag them ? v_v

So : if you’d be interested in tagging posts (we’d agree on a time period on which to work), preferrably if you’re someone who had already helped as an editor (e.g. against dead links) or if you’re someone with whom I’ve developed a trusting relationship (you’ll recognize yourself if you’re one of these, don’t be shy ^^), please contact me by email as usual, and we’ll discuss the subject :)

And : please, would you recommend other tags to add to this list ? If you see other important tags, please add them in a comment :)
Funny, hilarious, happy sex, tsundere, nekomimi (catgirls), meganekko (glasses), good scenario, highly recommended masterpiece, softcore, anal, titfuck, hardcore, extremely hardcore, groupsex, gangbang, plump women, big tits, small tits, teenage women, young adult women, mature women, yuri, lactation, pissing, futanari, hentai rape, mind breaking, tentacles, pregnancy, NTR.
Obviously, there is no need for “obvious” tags like heterosexual or missionary, it would be present everywhere ;)