This is a bit irritating, but I don’t have inspiration for what translation I should commission next. It’s been so long I last browsed untranslated hentai mangas, I must have missed an industrial shitload of good works.

In this regard, I’m adressing to my old hentai buddies, you know my tastes now, would there be something you would really strongly recommend for a commission ? If you think you know THE thing deserving a commission, and fitting my usual tastes, feel free to send me an email or a twitter message ;) Please, not a naked Zip link, illustration pictures too.
That means mind break, rape, loli, zoophilia, guro, hard rape, abnormal body treatments, distressing or depressing, pure futa or pure yuri, too much censored, only ecchi, too low resolution or too poor picture quality, all of this won’t make me pay money :lol: I have a strong preference for full mangas over simple doujinshi, but if it’s by a great artist, I can’t rule it out.

Update, sigh. No naked Zips. Not in the comments, it will automatically be regarded as spam.

I can’t promise to reply to your email (I already have a hard time replying to the email volume I already receive, sorry it’s more like the opposite, this is almost a promise I won’t reply -_-), but I’m officially open for suggestions.

BUT please, don’t waste your time sending an email to suggest something that you love but that isn’t really to my taste, it would be a waste of your time as well as of my time :D