Sigh, really. This is despicable to feel like that towards women.

Five months after my last update, here comes the final one : In Her Crack is finally COMPLETE. Over. Done with.

Damn great art, questionable stories.
This manga is a mix or sex slave training and of hentai rape.
If you just look at the drawings, so many teens and young female adults, this is highly fappable to. If you read the scenario, you suddenly feel murderous – I did, at least.

Care for a summary ? You’ve got female teachers with less brains than boobs, you’ve got scheming manipulative males of all ages, geniuses at psychological manipulation or at drug dealing. Mix it, shake it, read it if you like.
Sigh :roll:

Credits are for Faytear (editor), Tadanohito (translator), Afro Thunda (editing in the end) and Zathael and Setebos plus Tadanohito’s faithful supporters (commissioners), thank you nonetheless, that was cool from all of you !

By the same artist, Tomoe Tenbu, I also share Wise Ass [Uncensored version]

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