I can fap to this. Fuck YEAH !

In the real world, childhood friends are usually someone of the same sex as us, with whom we’d die rather than engage in sexual relations (and, anyway, if that’s somebody of the opposite sex, the other girls/boys became prettier with age, not the childhood friend).

In the hentai world, childhood friends always belong to the opposite sex, are super hot, and play candid in other to get into your bed faster.
How unfair can that be ?? :lol:

Bonus picture of mine, the artist screwed up a panel ;)

Oh well, here, we have lovely childhood friend first time sex in the bath, with the girl taking the initiative, she has an adorable curvy body, and the rest is simply enjoying the show and the cute vanilla ending =)
Thanks a LOT to Fuke and Conan, I love your releases, guys ! :D

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