Blonde girls always have my favour in hentai mangas :)

I have mixed feelings towards this manga : the drawings are usually very good, with great pre-sex positions (typically : a few seconds before a BJ, with panties still on for a few seconds) and actual sex drawings with very little censorship, but there will be too often a drawing so anatomically “failed” that it will ruin my concentration. As for the scenario, this is mostly average (short stories, happy sex, half wincest), with a few good findings (like the “M” guys in two chapters, lol).

All in all, I’d still recommend it, it’s pretty nice reading for you, I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

My thanks go to Zathael, Wadauo, Black4dr, and of course Ryuu No Tamashii.
Talking about RNT, he asked me to inform you he’s holding a poll, I’m glad to oblige :)

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One last remark, the ending was terribly frustrating : blonde girls. In school uniform and miniskirt. They’re twins. They love sex. They have a telepathic connexion and share each other’s sexual pleasure… And they don’t even make it a threesome, nooooooooooo !! v_v
There’s a similar problem in one of Yui Toshiki’s works, it’s the same frustration, twins linked by telepathy not making it to a threesome -_-