If you don't like incest, honestly, skip this at once :D

I think it will be useless to mention that two chapters don’t contain incest, I’m afraid all the persons really allergic to incest must have already ran away screaming from this post :D

More precisely, with just one exception, this is between brothers and sisters. Credits for this manga go to Shadow-Kun and Afro-Thunda fromHidoi-Hentai, thanks ! :)

OK, I have mixed feelings towards this manga. Frankly, incest isn’t the problem, I have grown absolutely immune to this taboo (translation : I don’t give a fuck about the fact it is or isn’t incest), I just grieve that the “easiness” offered by this theme (I’m certain it’s a sales helper in Japan comics shops) encourages mangakas to completely give up on creating interesting scenarii. Plus, this is uniquely happy sex, with love in certain chapters (one chapter, one story). Two problems only bothered me, the lack of even one worthy scenario, and the ugly penises (I almost regretted it didn’t contain lightsaber censorship ! :shock: ).

One of the chapters of this manga is the “borrowed” second half of A Suite, and I also share My Careless Boyfriend by the same artist.

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