Fuck yeah, that was quality hentai =)

Haha, I feel I’ve been fooled – but in a positive manner ^^

I’ve read every chapter of this manga with a bad foreboding, fearing that sooner or later things would go really wrong, forcing the heroine to reveal her badass character a few chapters later, until at last she could perform a brutal avenging comeback in the end. In other words, I’ve been on my guard the whole time I read this manga, waiting for the scenario to become fucked up.
And… no, nothing !

Save the the final chapter (a hentai rape, prelude to Sex Education), every single chapter is a different story, featuring happy sex, quite often with mutual respect if not love, and even when there’s a strong kink (like the bondage chapter) it surprisingly ends up really well.
I hope you won’t be as much on your guard as I was, go for it, and enjoy the good manga ! :)

And graphically ? GOOD ! :twisted: The girls are really well drawn, the censorship is very little and hidden in improbable and unnoticeable places, there’s oral, paizuri, vaginal and anal sex, this is very good !
My most grateful thanks are for my dear Munyu guys, Malone, Aeleth and Kam (previously named Kaml82 if I remember correctly), really, thank you ! :)
(And just so you know, Munyu could release more greatness if they had more translators – is anyone interested ?)

My thanks for these 3 works are for : Malone and Cnhn from Munyu, and Cgrascal !
By Inomaru, I also share Itazura Senyou Hanahira Seitokaichou (with its bonus chapter), Thrust Rumble + Gakuen Fuzoku + LL No Love, Sex Education, Hanazono Infinite 1-2, Poolside Exposure Specialist, and the uncensored version of August 31st.

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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english hentai english hentai english hentai