I suppose you guys have heard about the Megaupload Vs Dumbfuckistan case, right ? Its aftereffects were almost immediate on Zip hosts, most of them chickened out – and I can’t blame them for being careful, damnit all :(

Filejungle, filepost, and others stopping in their tracks, others starting deleting everything from accounts, other banning US visitors…

One of the aftereffects I had not foreseen was that filesonic would simply stop distributing files, it blows, once again :(

I feel really sorry for all of you, but there’s no helping it unfortunately, and it’s fair game for them to try to protect themselves :(

As for me, I switched to other hosts, based in Russia, who knows, they might be safer. I’m mostly giving up on the beer money, I can survive without it, as long as I’m paying my hosting it’s just fine and there’s no prob.

I was joking with Biri about it on twitter (he didn’t thoroughly enjoy the joke), after all fucking banksters and crazy money holders have their tax havens, but for filesharers, lets have the same, the future might be North Korea hosting biatch ! ¬_¬

Last note : just in case, you know, I took another domain, that can’t be seized by the party van :
I am NOT moving from hentairules.net, but, heck, I’m becoming paranoid, it’s a “just in case” measure, okay ? ;) Simply remember that alternative exists, ready to replace the .net if the .net is broken.