Hi everyone,

Sorry I skipped twice on sharing this past week ! It’s been a few days I have a sort of disease mixing fatigue and headaches (fever’s not following the flu pattern and nausea had no need to join the party, so it has to be another candidate for fucking me up from the inside that’s at work – with children at school there’s plenty of available stuff to bring back home for daddy to enjoy). It’s nothing serious, except that it takes me twice longer to do anything requiring concentration, hentai shares included ¬_¬
So, when I’m short on time, the hentai shares belong to the things that can be postponed :D I can’t wait for this shit to pass, if by tuesday it’s still here I’ll pay the doctor a visit, even if I dislike troubling doctors over trivial personal stuff.

Until then, with the firm conviction that things will get better, here’s a photo I took today of one of the small pleasures of life, the afternoon coffee, I take it as a good sign, and if it doesn’t work for me, I hope it will work for some of you out there, on the other side of the internet tubes ;)