Itokoi Chidori volume 1 [English, 175 pictures], by James Hotate

It's hot, even without straight genitalia. And I WANT TO KNOW THE REST ! >_<

Sweeeeeeeeet, a new complete manga by James Hotate, with always the same knack for adorable and arousing cute faces ! ^_^

This fine manga was released by FTH from FTH-Scans and XLG from, thank you very much ! :)

The heroine looks a lot like Fujino, from Hatsu Inu, big breasts, extremely sexual mood, cute brunette, very _not_ talkative. She’s even better in one regard : she’s extremely CUTE ! But she’s disappointing in one other regard : there’s so much censorship that this manga is more ecchi than hentai, sadly.

Plug on this a mysterious scenario about family secrets, warrior and chemist cousins, several girls loving sex (*cough* there’s a surprise too *hack cough cough*), and then the cliffhanger to see the manga end when it finally becomes really interesting… and ARGH, I’m hooked up, I loved it, I really want to read more some day :)

By James Hotate, I also share the Uncensored version of Koi No Hana (AWESOME !), Ore Sen Kanojo chapter 1, and The Day The Earth Stood Still

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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