Yo guys.

Yesterday in the beginning of the evening, my PC suddenly shut down while I was playing Civilization V working *cough*. And there was a strong smell of burnt materials.


I couldn’t find from where that smell came from, the PSU or the CPU, the video card didn’t smell at all.

Today morning, I bring my PC tower to my local PC shop, and fortunately the guy in the shop tells me “I’ll open it this morning to tell you, but most likely, this is the power unit, and the rest of the hardware is safe. Well, unless there was a short-circuit that blew up the rest of the stuff of course – JUST KIDDING“.

I’m called back in the end of the morning, it was indeed the power unit, the guy replaced it. I come to the shop, he shows me the PC, boots it, I log Windows in, everything works, woot, I pay and come back home.

Then, at home, I plug everything back (keyboard, LAN, etc) to the PC, and I boot it. Bios loading fine, windows starts booting… and then nothing happens. I wait a pair of minutes, and, guess what ?

It’s the familiar burnt smell that’s back !
I look inside the PC tower…

Hooo, how lovely, a beautifully twinkling sparkle, hoo, so pretty !
And then, small, very briefly living flames, cute, one third of a centimeter high.

Hey, wait

… and this isn’t when I wake up, sadly, this is simply the current situation. I turned off the power, the shit calmed down, and I’m eager to have a conversation with my PC shop guy when his shop opens again in the afternoon ¬_¬

@HurpDurp : feel free to post stuff on hentaiweblog while I’m forcibly away, man. I love the visitors, spread good stuff on them – that being said in a nonsexual way.
@the visitors : sorry I can’t share stuff today, I have a valid alibi ^_^