Fuck you where, you ain't got a vagina, there's a strange white hole in stead ?!?

The story is excessively simple, even though it may possibly run quite deep if you’re into the mood to imagine stuff yourself to fill in the blanks. Siblings sex, with the female taking the lead and the male part welcoming the discovery.
I didn’t really understand if the girl was sister or aunt to the main male character (I think it’s a young aunt, but I’m not too sure), frankly, but I doubt it mattered much. Sex (with magazine censorship, sob !) took place, and it was happy, and the hazy ending was as hazy as the plot, period :D

Side note : as a parent, if I had a bro/sis and I found he/she had sex with one of my kids (even if the kid grew old enough), I tell you, blood and guts would be splattering the ceiling at once.
Thanks a lot to Gurumao, Blurk, Altereggo and Youngfolk, from Team Vanilla :)

By Aduma Ren, I also share the mesmerizing Body Language, the infuriating Opposite, a pack of 6 works, and a pair of sweet K-On hentai doujinshi.

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