a hilarious hentai manga centered around big tits

Japanese Big Bust Party is centered around big tits, and, boy, this manga is completely hilarious :D Thanks a lot to Desu² and YDJKMF for it !

I tell you, by Rate, after the pathetically lame shit, scenario-wise, called Milk Maid, this manga is an excellent surprise ! If you read it, for instance, you’ll hear of a great futanari fuhrer and his great 10 000 futanari parade, you may see the opposition between the international boobs union and the A-cup girls with hidden expendable tits… OK, this is insane, but there are lots of great hilarious ideas, lots of great hentai scenes, this manga is really worth reading ^_^

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Read the rest of : Japanese Big Bust Party [English, 181 pictures], by Rate (111 words)