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Hurpdurp here. And so is a JAV. I’ve got no time to watch this, I gotta finish editing this h-manga and get it done before Kusojijii leaves for some camping trip. In addition to thethumbnails I took myself (the first image), here are some that were included with the download I downloaded (the second and third).

Okay, so I’m doing something different. I’m sharing two different versions, one that is the WHOLE video in a singlearchiveand another split into two equal size parts. This way, no matter which site you download each part from, you won’t be confronted with some stupid “you need premium to download files over 500MBs in size” error message, and if you actually HAVE a premium account for any of these websites, then you don’t have to download two files! Everyone wins (except me, who just idiotically wasted his bandwidth, woo)!

Download the UncensoredSasuke Jam Vol.15JAV in a single Zip file
(689 MB, AVI, 1 hour and 58 minutes, Uncensored)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Mirror #1- or -Mirror #2- or -Mirror #3

Now for the split archive!

Part 1 (345 MB):

Mirror #1- or -Mirror #2- or -Mirror #3- or -Mirror #4

Part 2(345 MB):

Mirror #1- or -Mirror #2- or -Mirror #3- or -Mirror #4

If you can’t get it to run, go install the beta of CCCP.