Even Coelacanth can create average works from times to times

Archer From Aussie and Derek, from Life4Kaoru, offer us a nice Coelacanth release :)

Nothing complicated, two youngsters having a great first time together, you know how it is, the two of them alone in a room, tension building up, and the hormones do the rest :lol:

Graphically, spats and sports clothes fans, fans of first timers perfectly successing at once in oral sex and missionary + doggy, rejoice ! This wasn’t the best Coelacanth work I saw (grrrmbl, let’s be frank, I think that the art was lacking compared to Coelacanth’s other releases), but it still “did the job”, producing arousal and pleasing the eye :)

By the same artist, I also share the long and great Funky Glamorous, and also a few shorter stories : Bad Communication, the uncensored version of I Beg You, the uncensored version of Wish Upon A Shooting Star, and Hot Dog.

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