frustrating preview picture, I'm in a sadistic mood :D

I’ve been in relations with a new webmaster in a discussion board, and I’m glad I could help him a bit with the launching of his hentai scanlation commissioning blog, giving advice, pushing him towards the commissioner way of life… So, welcome to the hentai world, Hentaimaru, and I hope you’ll bring us lots of good english hentai ;)

Incidentally, more Johji Manabe to fap to read, I hope you’ll like it ;)

(I share lots of works by Johji Manabe, cf My list of Studio Katsudon shares)

english hentai english hentai english hentai

Read the rest of : Jouji Ring X Mama chapter 1 [English], by Johji Manabe (the main artist of Studio Katsudon) (151 words)