Haha, I feel kinda let down. In my head, I was preparing my usual hiatus against Yamamoto Yoshifumi, but this Jukiniku Kanin turned out better than I thought for more than half of the manga, so I can’t complain anymore ^^

There’s lots of sex between adults, for instance, and also, two chapters were a shocking first with this artist. In the first, a woman is newly pregnant, so being creampied won’t impregnate her. In the second chapter, a woman is on the pill – incredible ! The pill ! O_o
Well, the other half of the manga was once again dealing with idiotic women glad to be creampied and impregnated (family members this time, sisters and mothers), so it’s not a perfect world either.

Graphically ? Everything is uncensored :shock: It’s very big tits. Not very realistic drawings (the page 41 made me laugh hard). Almost only vaginal sex. Creampies with anatomically incorrect details such as in-deep penetration.
I super-heavily retouched the cover page, I’m not into alien women with bizarre skin color.

(Remember to view The list of Yamamoto Yoshifumi’s works on Hentairules)

Credits for all this work go for Kansaiking, Slobber, T15, Guyguy12 and Affenman, in the first two chapters. Then for most of it, Fated Circle and Garass. Then, finally, to Shinkage, Saha and Gali. Thank you very much, all of you :)

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