I checked the results of a poll I made one week ago.

Question : “Did the hentai productions help you have a more varied sexual life ?

Reply “Yes” received 1193 votes, 71% of the replies
Reply “No” received 478 votes, 29% of the replies

That means I was really mistaken, I thought the results would be vastly negative, I believed hentai was uniquely helping wankers find fresh material to their tastes…

You know what, guys, I can’t even find words to tell how glad I am to have been wrong on this subject :D I’m glad hentai helps people in real life, even if it’s a bit, finally :)

That said, excuse me, but I’ve got to make one last post this evening to, erm, help other people’s sexual life. Yeah. As long as they find an egyptian petite girl, that will help them. *cough*