Sorry I skipped another day of hentai shares yesterday, there was a conspiracy against me on that day (I see no other explanation).

And, worse, today’s shares will be not super-fresh stuff, OMG ! I missed time today too, so I decided to just go and post what I was planning to share yesterday ;)
Please bear with it, I’ll catch on today’s releases the next evening :)

While I’m at it, could I add two remarks, please ?

– I am aware my English grammar and spelling aren’t perfect (*cough*understatement.of.the.year*cough*), so please, when I commit something unforgivable or hurting your eye, I won’t take it badly if you leave a comment with a correction :)

– I’ll still extremely seriously pondering my options to serve myself the files instead of relying on file hosts, because I bloody want to DO it in order to offer a longer lasting hosting, my latest “state of the brain” can be read here. If you have experience reports, feedback, ideas, or discover a flaw in my reasoning, oh please, do tell :)
(That’s a link to a comment written at the bottom of the sharing page, and then edited several times, but I noticed that, with Firefox, I had to go to the URL bar, and hit Enter, to make my bloody browser scroll down to the location of the comment, go figure.)

That’s all, I wish you all to have a good day, and may the thought there’s some good hentai waiting for you at home help you endure the day’s hardships :twisted: