Stuff happened, I couldn’t prepare my hentai shares as of usual, too bad ^^ I’ll catch up with the shares in a dozen hours I guess,sorry ;)

I had time for two things, this bonus picture from a manga I’ll share, and an update to my Erec Sawaru pack.

More info about my Erec Sawaru update :

I didn’t expect a brand new Erec Sawaru episode of the Oppai series would be released hours after I shared an Erec Sawaru repack, lol.
But that’s a fact, “Ofuro De Oppai” has been released, with thanks to the Gurumao :)
–> Let’s keep it short : I updated my repack :
– The “All my Erec Sawaru shares” got updated links.
– Ofuro De Oppai and only that new Ofuro De Oppai can be downloaded separately from the rest, here, here and there.
– Ofuro De Oppai was added to my Erec Sawaru recent releases repack
– And the picture galleries were updated.
– Oh, and one of the Ofuro De Oppai pictures inspired me a pervy slippery bonus picture. I wrote embarrassing stuff, but I really DO believe it’s for your greater good ;)

The rest of my shares will be in a dozen of hours, sorry for the delay ^^