Sorry about the lack of shares, everyone !

With the Christmas aftermath (and, as every year, wifey starts cooking up tons of pastries for me while heavily suggesting I should lose weight, sigh), the new year stuff coming up (plus, we now live in a larger flat, we can now invite larger number of people like the family and — oh my god why did we invite them tomorrow whyyyyy), my kids running everywhere (when you’re a parent of young creatures : you rest between the holidays, not during them -_-), I didn’t have much time for my hentai shares, sorry about that ^^

Even today, I’m simply fetching up shares that I had left unfinished in the last week, after better stuff had been just released on the day I prepared them. I’ll really make up for this tomorrow, with actual fresh shares :)

Two last notes :

– Do you remember the depositfiles Gold keys I shared, last week ? I accumulated points for keys during a very long time for this.
I didn’t expect many thanks, knowing how the internet works and without even resenting the people who wouldn’t want to leave a thanks, I really understand, no worries (but, still, thanks to all tho left a small thanks, huhu).
However, just saying, there are still some motherfuckers who’d really deserve an early death.

Molester Man is a surprisingly GOOD manga. Worth reading ! Seriously :)