Frankly, I’m glad the Japanese have so highly original ideas, and I’m glad the people having such ideas reside in Japan instead of living next door to me :oops:

Kagiana is… well… A doorknob’s sexual life. There, I said it.

Before the stooges in white lab coats come to get me, I have to highlight, don’t blame me, you should instead push the blame (or the thanks !) on our dear Zathael and Biri ;)

Worse, and in a pervy manner, better, there has been an official porn movie made after this manga !! Can you believe it ?!?
The movie is known as Doorknob Girl, with the actress Konomi Naruse.
I’m also sharing this movie, if you really have nothing better to do of your time, lol ^^

By Kondom, I also share The Original Bondage Fairies + Bondage Fairies Fetish (English, re-scanned HQ edition, 395 pictures) and The New Bondage Faeries volumes 1 & 2 [English, 340 pictures, re-scanned HQ edition).

Just the hentai manga

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The hentai manga + the JAV Doorknob Girl

Zip mirror #1 – or – mirror #2 – or – mirror #3
(795 MB, 16 pictures in English + 1 hour 33 minutes JPN movie)