LOL @ that picture ^^;;


I’m sorry, it’s just me, but I find this picture on the left too funny to be true ^^;;

I liked a lot this sister incest story, thanks to Fayt, Brolen and Psyburn21 :) The scenario is pretty simple, the sister is aroused by her brother’s smell, he catches her masturbating while “using” his body odour, and the rest is as old as the world :)
The drawings are pleasant, the sister has wonderful tits and she’s not too thin (not plump either, but I mean, not Kate Moss-style), she has consensual “regular” happy sex.

Just a note : my “penis slap” reference was a joke, the REAL penis slap (illustration) belongs to Kimi No Hotomi Ni Koi Shiteru [English, 225 pictures], by Tana

english hentai english hentai english hentai

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