Well, at least it's well drawn.

At first, I wanted to write that you can’t go wrong with MILF, however, on second thought, I felt strangely ill at ease with this one.

This is about a mother doting her son too much, and indulging in sex with his classmates so that they befriend him, until at last she comes down on him herself. That should have just led me to the usual “orz, mother incest is lame, but the drawings are hot, it’s not worth fussing over how stupid it is” conclusion… But, well…

Well… I felt something was wronger than of usual, even if I regret I fail to put it into proper words… As if the mother wasn’t the usual stupid braindead type, but worse, she looked like having “a condition”, and I felt saddened…
Oh, to hell with this long description :D If you like the MILF drawings, go for it. If you’re not the hair splitting type, go for it. And otherwise, I advice you to move on ^^
Credits are for Rookie84, Psyburn21, Almond and Afro Thunda, from Funeral Of Smiles, this is the first birthday of the group, congratulations ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Family Play (166 pictures) and Himitsu No Keijiban (131 pictures).

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