Kankogujima [English, 218 pictures], by Jamming

The scenario has bored me to death, but if you like or are immune to hentai rape and stuff, you should really be able to enjoy it !

Graphically, this is very good, probably the best Jamming I’ve read so far. Scenario-wise, even though I should commend the effor to make a detailed scenario this is still, sadly, typical Jamming stuff too. Hentai rape. Hentai rape, values getting twisted, or mindbreak, all along.

The story revolves around a male prisoner becoming the underground boss of a high security jail commanded by 3 sisters. Page 15, the female guard who discovers the villain has escaped starts running at random , shouting “where’s the alarm ?” — for bloody heaven’s sake, that ruined all chances I would enjoy reading the rest of the volume, what guard wouldn’t know the procedures or the location of the alarm ?!? The scenario doesn’t reach much higher peaks later on, mind you.

Well, that’s that. If you can enjoy the very GOOD drawings (powerful oral, paizuri, vaginal, a bit of anal), well, have fun with it ! :D And thanks to Tadanohito, once again :)
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