Yeah, I was a bit pissed off at how absurd the scenario was

The brother confesses his pure love to his sister, their father accidentally hears, shame, woe, laterz. The sister comes and deflorates her bro like a pro. Love blossoms.
At this point, I already had strong suspicions.
Halfway of the manga, I had my conviction made.
And by the end, I was glad, yay, I had guessed right, lol ^^

I won’t write too much (and I daresay the lousy scenario, with a girl so fucked up in the brain it’s making me angry, doesn’t deserve more time), to avoid spoiling you, but I’m curious, will you manage to guess where the story was coming to ? ^^
It’s a pity, a lousy story like that, when the art is really good. Oh well, if you’re after a quick fap, it may styll serve its purpose *cough* ;)
And thanks to Wootskie for the release :)

May I add a big spoiler angry note ? Hightlight the following two lines to view it.
Besides, it totally makes sense, the cops come to arrest the dad but nobody from the social services bothers to come and take care of his children after his arrest, especially not of the daughter who has been recorded as being hetnai raped and trained to believe in totally wrong things. Riiiiight. Stupid shit >_<

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