meganekko fans, rejoice ;)

Katekyo’s scenario is lacking, I must confess : a tutor discovers her student is hot for her, and – hooo, what an amazing surprise ! – she decides to help him cum to calm him down and allow him to resume his studies. Boy, I can’t get bored of the crazy imagination of the hentai artists, where do they find such innovative ideas ??? :shock:
The story is even less realistic when the girl accepts that the boy needs to be helped to cum 5 times to calm down…

Fortunately there are the drawings, a girl in the “Kenji Kishizuka” style, hot falsely candid face and great tits.
All in all, that’s a good reading for specific needs, but don’t expect a quality scenario ;)

My thanks to Negirament for the translation :)

I share more works by Kenji Kishizuka, and believe me, these other works are better than Katekyo ! :twisted: Cf The list of all Kenji Kishizuka’s works on Hentairules !

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