So... Yeah, this was a disappointment.

As it came, I couldn’t like this story by Kon-Kit. This is a trait of style that I tried to ignore in his previous tanks, but even though everything used to be perfectly hilarious in my other Kon-Kit shares, there’s been, occasionally (the Unconfirmed Falling Object series, especially), a trend to laugh at women because they’re fucking dumb and they can be abused in a funny way.

Well, here, this is it. The men are bastards while heroine is fucking dumb, and because she’s like that, she’s been easily tricked into playing a porn actress role. Of course she loves doing it and doesn’t really see the issue in doing that even though she’s happily married with child, but, we, the readers, we know the whole plot was about enjoying the results of her being a dumb cow.
And, frankly, it ruined my pleasure.

Graphically, it’s damn good, though, with minimal censorship ! So : if YOU dig it, screw my wall of text, and enjoy :)
And thanks to Jankull, helped by Ikki Jiki, for the translation and editing ! :) I wonder if this Jankull person knows what that name sounds like in French ?

By the same artist, they’re MUCH better, I also share Bitch Trap (Uncensored, blissfully hilarious and original, 197 pictures), Little Sister Figure, Midara Books 1-2, Unconfirmed Falling Object 1-3 (whose chapters 1-2 belong to Bitch Trap, while the chapter 3 is newer), and Suicide Man’s Tent 1-2.

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